Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Permanent Eyeliner


Eyeliner can range from a thin tight line that is only deposited between the eyelashes up to a thick bold cat eye or *start dust* design that goes above and beyond the natural lash line.

Permanent Lip Shading, Permanent Eyeliner

Lip Shading

Many people desire a better lip shape or color. Some people just want to enhance what they have. Others natural lip line has withered away- this service is perfect for a long term natural looking enhancement of the lip.  Colors can range wildly but we prefer a blushed look vs. makeup lip when it comes to P.M.U.

Natural Beauty Permanent Makeup, Microbladed Eyebrows

Ombre or Powder Brow

Big bold brows are the current trend. There are many different shapes sizes and colors available when it comes to brows. If your not interested in Microbladed strokes or your used to wearing brow makeup daily then Ombre brow may be better suited for you!

As a general rule : Permanent makeup or microblading, clients should expect to have multiple services done to achieve the best outcome.