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Do you have a million questions about microblading? Keep reading to find your answers.

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Microblading is a semi permanent eyebrow enhancement that mimics real hair strokes. It is the newest hottest trend in cosmetic tattooing. The technique used in this method keeps the hair strokes crisp and clean to look like individual hairs, and ensures that there will never be any odd color fading or changing. It is a wonderful service for anyone and  can last up to 24 months. Whether you naturally have thick brows and just want them defined to get rid of your morning brow routine; have hair thinning or any brow scars you’d like filled in, or you have suffered through aleopecia and medical treatments causing you to lose your brows - microblading will give you back the confidence and youthful appearance we all crave!


Microblading is beneficial for both men and women who have:

Over tweezed and waxed brows

Thinned brows from thyroid disorders

Naturally thin brows

Brow scars


Big brows that lack shape and density

Permanent makeup eyebrows requiring color correction or softening

Brows that are already dense but need to be defined

Additionally, microblading is a wonderful service for:

Cancer survivors

Anyone who wants to wear less or no brow makeup


HIV patients

Anyone within 6 months of cancer treatments

Persons with Hemophilia or similar bleeding conditions

New or expecting mothers that are unable to take an antiobiotic should a infection occur (this is a precaution and not a high risk)

Anyone who has had botox within two weeks (No problem! Just wait until a minimum of two weeks after botox application)

Anyone who has had chemical peels or lazer treatments within a month of intended microblading service. 

Every person has varying levels of risk, so don't be afraid to consult with Melinda about your situation. You might find that microblading is a perfectly fine for you. Just ask!

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A topical numbing cream is applied to the area that will be microbladed 30 minutes prior to the service. This will ensure your eyebrow area will feel little to no pain. Most clients walk out saying, "Oh I was worried for nothing, it wasn't bad at all!"

Every person has varying levels of sensitivity, but the major consensus can verify that microblading is not painful.


Microblading is a two step procedure and consists of an Initial Session and a Perfecting Session. In microblading, you can only achieve 50-75% of the desired result at a time. The skin needs proper healing time in order to be able to add more hair marks between the existing hair marks. A Volume Boost is a service for anyone who has already gone through the Initial and Perfecting Sessions and just wants more!


The first appointment is called the Initial Session and consists of:


- 30 minutes of numbing. When you come in for your appointment, a Veritas member will apply a topical numbing cream on and around your eyebrow area. 

- Microblading forms. Veritas staff will escort you to a cozy lounge so that while you are allowing the numbing cream to set in, you can read and fill out the microblading forms.

-Picture taking so that Melinda can document the changes in your eyebrows

-A very detailed consultation in order to make sure there are no life events or health issues that would make the timing of your microblading an issue. The consultation is also meant to make sure Melinda and you are on the same page with the desired results.

-Pigment matching for your specific hair and skin

-A professional evaluation and measurement of your eyebrows in order to provide symmetry and shape best suited for your specific face shape and hair type. This will ensure a natural and youthful appearance.


After this Melinda will get started with the blading process. Once the desired brow has been achieved, Melinda will cover your eyebrows with a product to help the healing process. She will then take the 'after' pictures, explain the after-care process in-depth, and schedule you for your perfecting session.


The second appointment is called the Perfecting Session and should be scheduled between 4-6 weeks after the Initial Session. This will give your eyebrows enough time to heal. The Perfecting Session appointment will be just like your first appointment, and gives you a chance to tell Melinda if there are any specific areas you would like to focus on. Melinda will re-add any marks that may not have healed properly or were accidentally removed during early days of the healing process.


A Volume Boost is a great option for those of you who want even thicker brows, or want to upkeep your brows before they fade out. This is a very similar process to the perfecting session, but it is not meant to finish your brows in a two-step process; it is meant to add even more to your finished design! Many people start with very small, thin and sparse brows. Once they are used to having naturally fuller brows, they tend to want even more. This service is for you! This is also our yearly touch-up appointment for those clients that have not let all of their microblading fade away. Microblading can last up to two years but volume boost touch-ups are generally needed annually to keep the brows looking fresh.


Complementary Touch-Ups are for clients who have already completed both the Initial and Perfecting Sessions, but have one stubborn area that hasn't accepted the bladed mark needed to make the look flawless. Don't worry, Melinda wants you to look perfect too! This is a very quick service meant just for that.